Weight Watchers of Eastern Pennsylvania Beyond the Scale, Yoga

Meetings Matter with the new WW Freestyle Program

When it comes to losing weight…MEETINGS MATTER!

At Weight Watchers of Eastern Pennsylvania, you’ll eat the foods you love while losing weight. Our brand new, easy to follow WW Freestyle Program is more flexible than ever. You’ll learn how to focus on nourishing your whole self and doing more of the things that you enjoy.

How It Works

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Attend weekly meetings.

Receive support from members just like you and get motivation and guidance from a trained Leader who has been on Weight Watchers and knows the secrets to success. Plus, you’ll get a Weight Watchers Weekly Meeting guide is packed with great ideas, skills and a recipe to get you through the week.

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No food is off limits.

Sticking to your daily SmartPoints Budget is easy. Every food gets a SmartPoints® value which is based on calories, protein, saturated fat and sugar—and you can choose from an expanded list of Zero Points foods that don’t have to be tracked or measured like eggs, seafood and lentils. What’s more, with Rollovers, you can save up to four unused daily points to use later in the week, however you like!

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Move for pleasure.

Earn FitPoints® for doing activities you enjoy most, whether that’s walking, playing catch with the kids or cleaning your house.

Let’s do this! Whether you want to become more active, wear your favorite clothes again, or simply be in control of yourself — WW Freestyle is the program for you!